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Pimienta Procosan s.a.

km 21 Via Chone, Estacion Experimental Pimienta Yupanqui, Santo Domingo, Pichincha, Ecuador

Tel.: +593 981287533
Tel.: +593 981287533
Fax: +593 22174313
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Marcas Brands:
Pimienta Yupanqui

Actividades Activities
» Abonos y Fitosanitarios 
  » Fabricantes 

» Comercialización Agraria 
  » Comercializadores Frutos Secos 

» Semillas y Viveros 
  » Semillas. Productores 
  » Viveros forestales 

Descripción Company details
Procosan International is a specialized organization in supply high quality and natural ingredients for the food industry such as our recognized pepper brand YUPANQUI BLACK PEPPER. From Ecuador amazon rain forest.

PROCOSAN s.a. Yupanqui’s production business in Ecuador, is a generating company of high quality and excellent service, compromised with the efficiency in the operations toward its clients and with the availability of delivery in different desired places around the world, supplying capacity and fast answer to your needs.

The most important thing for PROCOSAN is the full satisfaction of its clients and suppliers for which it counts with highly qualified staff and modern technology. We also help to manage other plantations of a high number of associated farmers, producers and exporters trough our “Programa de Certificacion Pimienta Yupanqui”.

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