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The Apricot growing
The Fig growing
The Cherry growing
The Plum growing
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The Almond-tree growing
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The Hazelnut growing
The Pistachio growing
The Walnut growing
The Cashew growing
The Peanut growing


The Avocado growing
The Cramnberry growing
The Khaki growing
The Cherimoya growing
The Coconut growing
The Datel growing
The Kiwi growing
The Litchi growing
The Mango growing
The Papaya growing
The Pineaple growing
The Sweet cucumber growing
The Banana growing



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Technical reports, studies, etc.

International trade of fruits and vegetables. Offers and demands
Resistance induction and bioproducts as alternative management of mycosphaerella fijiensis
International inversion and multinationals export of fruits and vegetables
Consumption of fruit in Spain and in other countries
The application ways of phosphorus on the ground
Spanish agricultural company: General aspects
Intensive agriculture: quality and nature
The fight against plagues
Recovering soils used in excess
Acidification of nutrient solutions in fertigation
Fertigation and salinity
Sustainable development since 2007
fertigation and pH
Beneficial microorganisms for soil
Consumer society and Bioloogical Agriculture
Market of the tomato:Competition
consumer society and OGM
Crop in rock wool
The fruit and vegetable foreign trade in 2002
Physicist-mechanic properties of donkey banana
The crop of strawberries in greenhouse
PHYTOMONITOR. Controlling all the parameters of a plant
Gathering the demand in fruits and vegetables. Supermarkets companies
The fruit fly
Management and treatment of solid organic residues in the transformed vegetables industry
Management and treatment of agricultural residues
Agrarian cooperative societies

New model of consumption of fruits and vegetables. Socioeconomic analysis

Acceptance of ecological products: An experimental approach

Electronic Commerce among agrarian companies
Regulation for certification in the technical requirements AENOR-BRC for agrarian companies
The value of the technical inefficiency in the agrarian cooperative societies in the agrarian marketing
Quality marks: Comparing different standards
Merchandising's strategies of the discounts chains in Spain
Biological control of Plagues
Agrovademecum Search of agrochemical for active matters, crops and trade marks
Control of plant louses
The tropical fruits market in the U.E.
Quality of iron quelate
Applications of the Biotecnology in the Agriculture.
The white fly
Maximum limit of Residues (LMR) in Vegetables, Citrus fruits, Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, etc
Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in Spain

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