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SISAB Portugal 2018

23.rd Edition. International Trade Fair for Portuguese Food and Beverage

Del 12-02-2018 a 14-02-2018

Av. Elias Garcia 57, 1049-017

Lisbon, Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 21 795 76 71


SISAB PORTUGAL is the biggest annual meeting of leading export companies and entrepreneurs, including all the associated activities they may deal with, starting from food industry till garden beds, wood, seeds, transports, logistics, etc. Leveraging on this diversity and meticulous international search we aim to rigorous selection of constantly growing number of economic agents presented on SISAB PORTUGAL that are caracterized by:

• Quality and Capacity, able to satisfy different markets.

• Certification of various products, corresponding to rigid health, legal, linguistic and other regulations. In this way new economic agents and new countries that are joining SISAB PORTUGAL each year, leave it having met their crucial requirements to ensure competitive and fair prices taking into consideration such areas as transport, packaging, certification, features and quality of the product. At the same time portuguese companies adapt themselves to multinational environment (at least 10 to 12 universal languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Arab and others such as Hungarian, Italian, etc...) creating favourable conditions for employees, labels and documentation according to the excisting legislation in each country of import.

SISAB PORTUGAL is the biggest meeting point / platform of entrepreneurs from 110 countries. We have:

• more than 500 National companies
• 28 Sectors
• more than 6.000 Brands and Products
• more than 16.000 Labels and Packaging solutions
• more than 1.700 International Buyers
• 110 Countries
• 450 States and Regions


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